SpeakSet is Changing Hands

We are pleased to announce the aquisition of SpeakSet by a partnership of healthcare providers. Between them, they provide care across the East and South-East of England with 3400 staff through over 120 different services. We believe this is a fantastic home for SpeakSet. All the services you currently use with us will carry on read more

UK Startups Shake Up Health Care

Health care is one of the most debated and searched topics on the Internet. As you may of noticed, the NHS currently faces its biggest challenge in existence. This is due to a number of population changes including an aging , public expectations, and rising costs.  A £100 billion industry in the UK alone, incorporating read more

The World of Telehealth is Here! 

If you haven’t noticed there has been a clear shift towards utilizing technology in the health care industry. Most recently Telehealth has surfaced international news as the “it” innovation in health care. This is due to the fact that it saves time and simplifies the care process for GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We’re here to expand your knowledge about the bright future read more

Examining UK vs. US Health Care

Comparing healthcare systems cross-culturally is intrinsically tough due to the challenges of making accurate generalisations and compiling high quality data.  Nonetheless it’s important to examine structure performance in healthcare. For...

read more

What is Remote Care?

Let’s begin with a definition; WHAT: Remote care allows staff to deliver care to patients within their own home. HOW: It can be through phone, video or even just by looking at patient data. WHY: This care delivery method allows staff to spend more time caring and less time travelling. Patients prefer it too! But read more

Healthcare Improvement leaves a Sour Taste

Healthcare improvement leaves a sour taste! Innovation is healthcare’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. If we look back over the history of the NHS some incredible things have come about. The invention of the NHS itself was possibly the most impactful innovation of the 20th Century. Through the NHS we have had; the first read more

No free SCART socket and want to connect SpeakSet?

Every TV setup is different. Thankfully every TV in Europe has a SCART socket on it by law. However, it may only have one and you might want to use a multitude of SCART devices. There are a couple of quick and simple solutions for the issue.         Useful Links: We recommend read more

Since Last Month – September

Since Last Month What have we been making for you? Remind your contacts about invitations. – Huge thanks go out to one of our clients, Melissa! She saw that being able to remind contacts that they had not signed up yet would improve everyone’s experience. We built and released her feature that week and hopefully it is read more

In need of some inspiration?

See how SpeakSet’s sales wunderkind delivers a presentation! We deliver loads of presentations here at SpeakSet. Alex, our Business Development Consultant, has taken a recent one he gave to a room full of Assistive Technology providers, redone it and recorded it. We’re pretty proud of our presentations so let us know what you think… Hopefully read more

How to video call on the TV

  Transcript Alex: Hi! My names Alex. Alex: I’m going to show you how easy it is to place a video call through your TV at home using SpeakSet. Alex: First I’m going to take my SpeakSet remote. Alex: It’s not any normal remote. It’s got seven big buttons, colour coded, really easy to use. Alex: So first read more

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